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Your Health, Our Mission

At ICM, we envision a model of healthcare that combines the best of both conventional and natural medicine to benefit your health. Our doctors are highly trained experts in their fields and take the time to listen and properly address your health concerns. They take the time to listen to your story, thoroughly evaluate the cause of symptoms, and offer practical solutions to improve your health.


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Concierge Medicine

Healthy Aging

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Weight Loss

Pain management/ Regenerative medicine

Fertility/ Preconception care

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Putting Your Health First

Our comprehensive focus on wellness, prevention, and natural solutions for your conditions has always included services that are generally not paid for by insurance plans. Extended office visits beyond the standard 8-12 minutes visit, prior authorizations, after-hours pager availability, and phone and email communication directly with your provider are just some examples of these non-covered services.
Concierge medicine allows us to continue to bill your insurance company for covered services while including many of the “non-covered” services we all love about naturopathic medicine as part of your membership. Covered services include standard office visits, annual physical exams, standard laboratory testing, and certain procedures based on your insurance plan.

Our Values

  • Patient-centered care
  • Combining the best of conventional and natural medicine
  • Successful collaboration / co-management as needed with specialists
  • Comprehensive health workups that help discover the underlying cause of illness, even when basic labs are normal
  • Preventive care that is more than an early diagnosis – it is Proactive care
  • Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being
  • Training students and resident physicians to be tomorrow's leaders
  • Practical Solutions for Better Health


I have been seeing Dr Celmer for close to 3 years for multiple reasons and now just as my primary Dr. If you are looking for someone to get to the bottom of unanswered health issues, she is hands down the Dr you want. She is more thorough than any Dr I have ever seen in Washington and California. She takes her time with you and really cares about her patients. She has a memory like no other. I drive 1 hour without traffic to go to her office and she is completely worth it. I have also seen other Doctors at ICM when she is unavailable and have been very pleased with them as well. She is worth waiting to get an appointment with. I haven't had the wait problems like other patients reviews but then again I know it's a Dr office and they can't help when someone else is late or if they get behind. Just the other week I waited an hour and a half at Seattle Children's for my daughters appt and it was well worth the wait. Great Doctors are hard to find. And I'm so thankful I found Dr Celmer and her colleagues.


I am a big fan of ICM and have been going for years for different issues.
I began with Dr. Stretch, who has since retired, and then moved onto to Dr. Karp. I found her amazingly knowledgeable, very helpful, she has great needle technique for acupuncture, and made terrific suggestions.

She recommended I see Dr. Klausmeyer for cranial-sacral therapy, and he has been such a support to me. When I am in town, I see him weekly. In a little over a year he has helped me relax, decreased my back pain immensely, and provided me with a healing technique that truly is helping my body. His hands are gifted!
Recently I began seeing Dr. Celmer who is so knowledgeable about both naturopathic and western medicine. She quotes juried studies to back up her recommendations, knows international studies, and provides me with the time I need to get my needs met.

Finally, I've read a great deal about the office staff in many of the reviews. I have found everyone in the office now to be friendly, helpful, and supportive. The computer program they use-CHARM-leaves a bit to be desired, but I don't go for the program........


Dr Janci Karp is great. She is thorough, thoughtful, patient and is constantly seeking answers. I highly recommend her to help you find relief and am so happy I found her.

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