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A Look At Concierge Medicine

The Healthcare industry increasingly overlooks individuals—we don’t. We value our connection with our patients and the comprehensive care that they’ve grown to expect at ICM. Traditional insurance simply does not allow for personalized medicine. Doctors are forced to pigeonhole patients into specific diagnoses with specific time frames for treatment leaving no opportunity for deeper consultation or preventative care.

It’s time for a new healthcare model where patients are put first. To meet this challenge ICM has developed a program centered on the doctor-patient relationship. By limiting enrollment to less than 500 patients (vs. 3,000 in a traditional practice), ICM doctors can spend the time with a patient to provide exceptional, individualized care. Patients of concierge medicine have extended access to a physician, priority scheduling, comprehensive appointments, and a true sense of connection with their doctor.

What is Concierge Medicine?

Concierge medicine is a form of membership in which doctors provide medical care to patients generally providing greater access to physicians, same-day appointments, and varying other amenities.

ICM’s concierge medicine practice focuses on comprehensive and preventative care by offering patients different levels of service to meet their individual healthcare needs. All tiers of ICM’s concierge medicine practice offer you direct access to our doctors and include many of the services that you’ve grown to love from ICM. This includes many discounted and complimentary services that are not currently covered by insurance.

Why ICM Became a Concierge Medicine Practice

Our clinic has continued to expand services at a time when most independent, insurance-based clinics are limiting services, going to cash-based models, or closing due to low reimbursement from insurance companies. For the past few years, ICM has engaged in an ongoing process to evaluate how we can continue to provide the most comprehensive, high-quality care within the increasing constraints of an insurance-based model. Our goal is to remain a part of the community and for you to strengthen an ongoing relationship with your doctor and access to naturopathic medicine.

Our comprehensive focus on wellness, prevention, and natural solutions for your conditions has always included services that are generally not paid for by insurance plans. Prior authorizations, after-hours pager availability, and phone and email communication directly with your provider are just some examples of these non-covered services.

Concierge medicine allows us to continue to bill your insurance company for covered services while including many of the “non-covered” services we all love about naturopathic medicine as part of your membership. Covered services include standard office visits, annual physical exams, standard laboratory testing, and certain procedures based on your insurance plan. We are committed to offering different tiers of membership to make sure that ICM is accessible to everyone.

What Does This Mean For You?

As we move to a concierge medicine practice on January 1st, you will still receive the same level of service you’ve grown to expect from ICM. Patients will continue to enjoy personalized care, where our doctors spend as much time as necessary with each patient to ensure their needs and expectations are met. These high standards of practice will remain unchanged as ICM transitions to a concierge medicine practice.

More details will be coming soon about the different membership levels and the services they include. ICM is excited to invite you to our growing wellness community as we work to remove all obstacles between patients and doctors.

Have any questions?

We value you as a patient and we remain committed to your care here at ICM. We truly value our relationship with you, and we look forward to contributing to the long-term wellness of you and our community.

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