Concierge medicine allows for a deeper patient/doctor relationship. Instead of being restricted by the ever-increasing constraints of the insurance companies, we get to provide holistic care to you as an individual. Naturopathic medicine is built on the foundation of treating the whole person, not just the illness. Concierge medicine allows us to stay true to this principle.

Yes! We will still bill your insurance. You will be responsible for all copays, deductibles and co-insurance as per your insurance plan.

Self-pay patients will not need to purchase a membership option to see their doctor. The administrative fee of $60 will be waived as well. This allows you to see your doctor but does not grant you access to any of the benefits in the membership tiers. If you wish to take advantage of those offerings, you will need to select a membership option. There is no discount on the membership fee for self-pay patients.

Dr. Karp, Dr. Celmer and Dr. Klausmeyer have a long wait list and it can be challenging to get an appointment with them quickly. In order for them to be able provide the services offered in the concierge programs, they have to limit the size of their practice. This will allow the chance to build a greater doctor/patient relationship. To accommodate the reduction in their practice size, ICM has increased the number of quality providers for you to choose from.

Definitely! There is no obligation to stay a member if you decide it’s not a great fit.

These services are bonuses included into the membership. They cannot be switched out for other discounts.

Yes, but there is a $200 rejoining fee if you decide to reactivate your membership.

We will need a credit/debit card on file to bill your membership fees. It will be reoccurring charge each month. You can also decide to do a one-time fee to cover the entire year at a discounted rate.

Yes, in order to deliver on the promises made in our membership tiers, we must keep our patient count lower.

Not a problem, just let us know if you want to change providers at any time.

We have partner and family discounts for our Signature Tier. Partners will be able to combine their Signature Tier access for $229/month saving you $348/year. This fee will be charged as one fee on one card, it cannot be split onto two cards. You can also do a one-time payment for the full year ($2700) instead of the monthly charge. For families, children under 18 can be added to the Signature Tier for only $24/month ($278/year) when a parent is on the Signature Tier.

No refunds will be given, we want you to utilize the services offered.

Your membership is a healthcare expense, so some HSA/FSA accounts can pay for the fee. We always suggest that you check with your company to make sure this will be a covered expense.

We can provide you with an itemized receipt for the year that shows what you have paid at ICM. Always check with your tax professional for tax related questions.

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