Listen in with ICM: Vitamin D and your health

You can take vitamin D orally. Then you can apply sunscreen as needed and not worry about this.
Or you can go in the sun for a short period of time (30 minutes in the summer) and get quite a bit of vitamin D (10,000 to 20,000 IU is estimated).

Getting your labs tested will answer this.

We recommend Vitamin D with K2. The two brands we recommend in our office are Metagenics and Orthomolecular.

In Oslo, in Midday, the article reports full skin.
See the article in the link below.

D2 comes from mushrooms and some supplements. The body must convert this to D3.

D3 is in fatty fish, eggs, liver, and butter, and some supplements. All the supplements we carry at ICM are D3.

You can; you would need to eat a lot of fish due to living so far north in Seattle.

Not normally. Happy Lights focus on blue light. Vitamin D comes from UVB rays.

This is not a side effect any of us have had patients report.

The RDA is 600 IU for those under 70 and 800 IU for those over 70.
In Seattle, the need is higher, so getting your vitamin D is what we recommend, so you are on an appropriate dose for you.

There are other things I would look into for thinning hair.
I recommend you make an appointment with your provider to discuss.

It varies for the age/size of the child. I recommend you discuss this with your child’s provider.

This should be discussed with your provider before starting vitamin D.
There are a variety of conditions that you would want to monitor closely before starting vitamin D: Kidney disease, kidney stones, high calcium, and sarcoidosis, to name a few.

Yes, you can overdose on vitamin D over time, and this can be hard on the liver and other organs as well.

Yes, it is possible depending on your skin tone, how much time you spend outside, and your ability to absorb.

Yes, this is something currently being researched.

I recommend you make an appointment with your provider to discuss.

In the below link is an article that talks about a woman who overdosed on vitamin D over time and experienced.

Fatigue, constipation, back pain, forgetfulness, nausea, and vomiting

That is all I would suggest.

It is fat-soluble so, the body can store this vitamin, and it can build up over time.

There are no guidelines for different RDA values based on skin color. So the best thing to do is get your values checked so you can figure out your specific need.

I recommend you make an appointment with your provider to discuss the specifics of this situation.

Not that I am aware.

You can take large doses of vitamin D weekly as appropriate. For example, if your goal is to get 5000 IU per day, you could take 35,000 IU per week. I recommend you make an appointment to discuss with your provider your specific need.

This is quite unlikely, but if you are highly sensitive, you could get vitamin D derived from fish or mushrooms.

We sell Metagenics and Orthomolecular.

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