10-Day Detox

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Who's feeling stressed? 

Everyone is stressed right now. Things are changing; kids are back to school, summer is over, schedules are unpredictable. 

People need help with getting back to their health and themselves. 

Let’s take the stress off of what to put on your plate and help you feel better fast 

This guided program will give you everything you need to succeed. Renee, our Functional Nutritionist, is kicking off the annual Fall 10-Day Detox on October 4th!  

Let us reduce the stress of choosing what to eat by giving you everything you need from your meals to recipe guides, so you eat healthy, whole foods, feel better, and calmer fast! 


What’s Included in the 10-Day Detox?

  • Metagenics Clear Change 10-Day Detox Kit
  • Program Guide for each of the 10 days
  • Daily information and recipes from Metagenics
  • Two webinars with Renee and an ICM Doctor to answer your questions and provide guidance
  • Encouraging support from Functional Nutrition Counselor, Renee Andreasen, in an optional, private Facebook Group
  • Three Facebook lives with Renee to answer questions

What to expect after the cleanse?

After the cleanse, you will feel refreshed. Giving your body a break from stress foods helps you sleep better, feel better, and reduce irritability. Some people even report weight loss!

You will also have a greater understanding of which foods create problems for you and help you make more informed choices in the future.

And you’ll feel more connected with the ICM Community. This is our greatest treasure.

*Your doctor will review your request to participate in the detox. If it is not medically advised, we will not send out your detox kit.
*You must be an active patient with ICM. If you have not been seen in three years, you must be seen by a doctor before the detox begins.


Her encouragement and guidance are very special. I am someone who tends to be unbalanced at times; my family, personal, career, financial, or fitness will suffer when I don’t take a breath and refocus. Renee helped me to see the importance of balancing these as EQUAL priorities. When one area is neglected, the other areas will be neglected. Renee taught me how to keep balance in my life and I am much happier because of her! - Megan W

Megan W.

To summarize; it isn’t a fad diet in which you lose weight then gain it back again. It is a lifestyle change on how you think about food, what to delete and what to add to be healthy. To this day, I have kept that weight off and it feels great. I can even go for seconds on my favorite foods or desserts and still keep the weight off.

Gabe C.

The first thing we talked about was my overall health including my mental well-being. This was probably the first time anyone has delved into my mental health so comprehensively. I would recommend Renee to anyone who would like to improve their eating habits, as well as their overall health.

Diana K.

One of Renee’s strengths is adapting her knowledge to you on an individual level making the changes very personalized. The time I spent with Renee was so valuable and I look forward to future sessions.

Janis G.

Renee is obsessed with health, happiness, and personal growth. It’s her own ICM success story that propelled her to become a Health Coach. After more than a decade of being tired of feeling sick and tired, being told by conventional doctors that she was “fine”, she was referred to ICM by a friend.

Her experience with ICM changed her life so powerfully that she found that she loved natural medicine and a strong belief that the right food and lifestyle choices can dramatically reverse and prevent disease and that given the right conditions, the body will heal naturally.

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Metagenics Detox Kit comes with UltraClear, Advaclear tablets, Shaker Cup, and Patient Clear Change Guide Book.