Renee Circle

Renee Andreasen

Lifestyle Educator


Renee is obsessed with health, happiness, and personal growth. It’s her own ICM success story that propelled her to become a Health Coach. After more than a decade of being tired of feeling sick and tired, being told by conventional doctors that she was “fine”, she was referred to ICM by a friend.

Her experience with ICM changed her life so powerfully that she found that she loved natural medicine and a strong belief that the right food and lifestyle choices can dramatically reverse and prevent disease and that given the right conditions, the body will heal naturally.

Renee found a way to break up with her corporate job, become a Certified Health Coach, and join the ICM team. It is her mission to help people get back to the life they love and realize their health and wellbeing journey without going through the hassle of guesswork and research. Her training and personal experience have equipped her with the best methods and approaches to making sustainable changes in an open, supportive way that is free of judgment and criticism.  

Her mentor told her, “You cannot walk someone through a journey you haven’t walked yourself”, and Renee has walked many healing and transformation journeys.

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A Health Coach helps you with your transformation. They are the guide on your side who helps you figure out how to make your Health and Wellness vision your reality. Doctors help diagnose, treat, and give healing protocols whereas a Health Coach helps you tap into your internal skills and motivations towards sustainable changes in lifestyle, food, and mindset, and the practical tools for implementation.

Health Coaches are trained in more than just dietary theories and weight loss. They’re trained to help you overcome the habits and beliefs that stand in the way of you feeling and living your best.

A health and wellness coach collaborates with clients through a supportive and professional relationship. Through thought-provoking conversations, the client comes to realizations and understandings about themselves and areas of their lives they want to improve. Working toward these goals, the client can achieve lifelong benefits and move forward to new outcomes. With Renee’s support, the client uncovers how to be the best self-motivated version of themselves


You can find detailed information about her training and specialties here: Renee Andreasen

Renee has specific training and experience in these specific conditions:

  • Dietary approaches to include Keto, Autoimmune Paleo, Mediterranean & Plant-based
  • Digestive issues; IBS, IBD, Chron’s
  • Autoimmune conditions
  • Thyroid and Hormone imbalances
  • Blood sugar balance

Her lifestyle support can also help with lifestyle changes such as:

  • Stress management, mindfulness, and meditation
  • Career exploration
  • Improving and exploring relationships
  • Resilience and optimal performance - mentally and physically


  • IIN Certified Health Coach
  • Autoimmune Paleo Coach
  • Precision Nutrition
  • Functional Nutrition Alliance
  • Change Management
  • Motivational Interviewing

Types of Patients

  • Men and Women
  • People in life transitions, health crisis or chronic illness
  • Busy, working Mothers and professionals
  • Athletes
  • Weight loss
  • Support with whole food meal planning, food lists and recipes