Are You Making The Most Of Your Weekends?

The weekends used to be fun, a chance to see friends, go on adventures and enjoy life. It was a break from school and work but lately it’s become a chance to get errands done. Saturday morning you wake up and start cleaning the house. After that’s done you head to the grocery store and battle through the aisles with others doing the same thing you are doing. Once that’s done you finally have a chance to enjoy yourself for the evening.

Sunday morning you wake up a little later than usual and enjoy your home for a bit before you start working on the next project, catching up on laundry or even heading out to run errands or buy something new for the house or to add to your wardrobe. Before you know it, the weekend is over, and you’ve really only enjoyed a few hours here and there of it. What happened to the weekends and why aren’t they fun anymore?

In your quest to reclaim your weekends you need to force a simple thought into your head, no excuses. When you get off work the only thing you want to do is get home, eat dinner and watch television. You need to now use this time to run those errands, go grocery shopping, clean your house and do the other things you usually leave for the weekends. Don’t have time? Ask yourself if that’s true or if it’s an excuse?

Once you’ve finally pushed yourself to free up your weekends you can start looking for things to do that are fun. Make a list of activities that you enjoyed doing and see how many of those you can do now. Sports, hiking, getting outdoors and things like that are great because you can do them as a family and they are usually very inexpensive. Don’t be afraid to try new things as well and make sure you turn your weekend back into an adventure.