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ICM Weight Loss Program

Developed by Dr. Kelsey D. Klausmeyer

At the Institute of Complementary Medicine, we offer individualized, healthy, weight loss programs so that you find a permanent solution to your weight and health issues.   Instead of patients following a cookie-cutter program that is the same for everyone, we spend much time doing a thorough evaluation of health history and optimizing your health in order to eliminate any potential obstacles on your path to weight loss.  Patients are counseled on healthy food choices, proper macronutrient and calorie intake and exercise needs.   A Naturopathic Medical Physician guides every step of your journey.

Who needs medical weight loss?

  • Patients who have established care at ICM and suffer “stubborn weight loss”
  • Patients with BMI > 24-29 are overweight; 30-34 are obese; 35+ morbid obesity

How does the program work?

  • You will be individually assessed using body measurements, body weight and a body composition test (BIA)
    • What is BIA technology? This is a bio-impedance assessment, which uses a microcurrent to calculate body fat percentage and mass, lean (muscle) percentage and mass, hydration status, intra (inside) and extra (outside) cellular fluid percentage, basal metabolic rate (how many calories you burn just by being alive) and phase angle (measure of metabolism).
  • Food tracker:
    • You will be asked to track your diet and exercise with an online tracker. This program allows the doctor to generate reports and get a comprehensive understanding of your diet and exercise.
  • Putting together the pieces
    • One of the major difficulties with losing weight is that no one program works for everyone. Your body may not respond well to a low carb diet that requires you to eat every three hours, whereas other people will do great with this type of program. Individual assessment is at the heart of ICM’s weight loss program. Your doctor will put together the information from the body composition test and 1-2 weeks of your food logs to generate an initial plan.
  • Frequent Follow-Up is Key
    • It is important that once you start the plan that you follow up regularly to assess how your body is changing. Most patient’s who suffer stubborn weight loss become very frustrated that they are not losing weight fast enough despite heroic efforts. Frequent body composition tests allow the doctor to adjust your plan to
      • Increase lean body mass
      • Decrease fat mass
      • Increase hydration (which drives metabolism)
      • Maintain or improve basal metabolic rate (which many low calorie diets decrease)
      • Improve cellular metabolism (measured by the phase angle)
  • Higher Force Interventions
    • Your doctor uses many tools for weight loss. Central to naturopathic philosophy is using the least invasive intervention to help you reach your goals. Naturopathic medicine is founded on the belief that you body has the innate capacity to heal and that lower force intervention will ultimately offer a more sustainable solution. That said, many patients suffer severe nutritional depletion, disorders of metabolism, hormonal imbalance and behavioral patterns that can undermine their weight loss success. Severe cases require higher force interventions to move the scale in the right direction. Your doctor will discuss the speed at which you want/ need to lose weight in a way that will ultimately be safe and effective for your overall health.
    • Interventions that your doctor may choose as part of your plan:
      • Specialized diets
      • Specific exercise guidelines
      • Supplements to support metabolism, energy and digestion
      • Hormonal support to correct imbalances
      • Nutrient injections to boost metabolism and prevent weight plateaus
      • HCG prescription