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Naturopathic Manipulative Therapy (NMT), a form of physical medicine, incorporates the art of massage, touch, physical therapy, applied kinesiology and spinal manipulation. NMT may be used to treat several different chronic diseases as well as neck and back pain, and sports injuries. NMT begins with a comprehensive assessment of your physical body including posture, spinal alignment, muscular tone and symmetry, and orthopedic functional testing. As with all naturopathic therapies, identifying the underlying cause or imbalance is critical to correcting dysfunction and relieving pain. Your treatment will be individualized but may include soft tissue manipulations such as massage or trigger-point release or adjustments to restore alignment in your spine. In addition to hands-on treatment in the office, you may be taught to perform home exercises or stretches, or given recommendations for specific nutrients to heal or repair tissues.


Electrical Stimulation aka E-Stim


Estim, or Electrical Stimulation is a physical medicine technique that has been around since the 1960’s.  This method utilizes 2 channels of current applied to muscles in order to disrupt pain signal pathways.   It is very effective in treating chronic pain as well as acute injury to reduce pain, inflammation, swelling and to speed the healing process.


Therapeutic Ultrasound

Ultrasound technology utilizes the vibration of sound waves that pass through skin and affect local tissue.   These vibrations promote a deep heating of the local tissue that increases blood circulation.  Therapeutically, Ultrasound is used to reduce swelling of acute and chronic inflammation, break up scar tissue and speed the healing process.